Liposonix Cost: Prices List 2024 & Treatments Results Reviews

At a Glance:

  • Liposonix is a non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction procedures.
  • Patients who undergo Liposonix can head home right after the procedure. This fat reduction technique requires a little recovery period.
  • Liposonix is not the solution to excessive weight gain but can help trim down the body of people who cannot remove pesky fat deposits.

Liposonix is a relatively new cosmetic procedure in the U.S., but it has been available overseas for quite some time now. Liposonix incorporates the use of ultrasound waves to remove fat cells on select parts of the body. This is an excellent non-invasive cosmetic procedure for those who find particular difficulty removing fat deposits on specific areas of the body.

We will be discussing the overall effectiveness of Liposonix as well as essential aspects of this procedure, such as cost and potential side effects.

What Is Liposonix?

As we have noted at the beginning of this article, Liposonix is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure designed to eliminate fat cells in the body. As the name implies, this procedure incorporates High-Intensity Ultrasound Energy (HIFU) to melt and permanently remove fat cell deposits around some regions of the body like the abdomen.

This procedure uses a specially made device that utilizes the same technology found in diagnostic ultrasound but is tweaked so that the waves can be concentrated on a particular area. The fact that Liposonix utilizes a special type of machine means that not every cosmetic clinic will be able to offer this service at the moment. Even a well-known clinic like Sono Bello currently has no Liposonix procedure offered.

Since this uses non-surgical methods, patients can expect a considerably short recovery period and a lower risk of side effects.

Liposonix Treatment:

Below, we will be taking an in-depth look at this fat reduction procedure to get a better grasp of how it can help reduce excess body fat.

What Is Liposonix Treatment?

For those who are looking for a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, Liposonix treatment is an excellent choice that you should check out. The use of focused ultrasound waves to break down fat cells is a quick and easy fat reduction procedure that barely requires a significant recovery period, if at all.

The cost of Liposonix is usually higher than traditional liposuction prices, but this higher fee guarantees a shorter recovery period and less risk of side effects. Of course, as long as you follow the instructions given by your surgeon, then you can expect not only a quick recovery but optimum results as well.

How Does Liposonix Treatment Work?

Clinics who offer Liposonix treatment incorporate a specially designed machine to conduct this fat reduction procedure. Liposonix treatment utilizes a device similar to diagnostic ultrasound. The main difference here is that Liposonix devices are customized so that the ultrasound wave is delivered in a focused manner.

By focusing ultrasound waves, it changes into something that is called a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound wave. This focused wave generates a thermal effect that melts fat cells in the abdomen and flanks of the body. This means that Liposonix can destroy fat cells without the need to damage the surrounding tissues of the particular area being treated.

How Long Does A Treatment Take?

Another benefit of using Liposonix is how quickly the procedure takes. Most patients will only require a single trip to their cosmetic clinic of choice. A single Liposonix session will take about an hour to complete. Patients are usually requested to arrive an hour before the course begins to receive pre-medication, pre-treatment photographs, measurements, and filling up consent forms.

How Much Does Liposonix Cost?

Liposonix Cost

Liposonix costs will vary depending on the area you want to be treated. You can schedule a consultation with cosmetic clinics to determine the overall value based on the specific treatment plan you choose. It is always best to inquire about every detail with the doctor/clinic in terms of the fee as such cosmetic procedures can be quite costly.

Liposonix Procedure Cost (Average Cost)

Liposonix costs will usually swing around $2,000 to $2,500 on average. This is done within a single session as well, with most patients not requiring multiple visits. In comparison, tumescent liposuction costs may be slightly lower depending on the location but may need a couple of sessions.

Liposonix Cost Per Treatment

You can expect Liposonix cost per treatment to fall between $1,500 to $3,000 per session. This is, of course, subjective to which area of the body you wish to be treated. Consult with your cosmetic clinic of choice to get an accurate figure as to how much this treatment will cost.

Liposonix Prices List

As stated earlier, the Liposonix prices will vary depending on the location the patients want to be treated. Below is the average estimation of price per area of the body:

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The Liposonix Difference: Why Should I Choose Liposonix?

There are several reasons as to why someone would choose Liposonix over standard liposuction procedures. Below are the differences and advantages of using this type of fat reduction procedure:

  • Non-Invasive Technique – Liposonix does not incorporate any surgical techniques that require incisions or damaging tissue. This is one of its significant difference from other fat reduction procedures like tumescent liposuction.
  • Extremely Fast Recovery Period – Unlike different types of liposuction (from traditional to minimally-invasive ones), patients who undergo Liposonix won’t even need to have too much downtime. Patients can resume typical day to day activities immediately after a Liposonix session.
  • Versatility in Target Areas – Another difference and advantage that Liposnix offers is its custom contouring capability. Most types of liposuction are restricted to particular areas of the body. Also, several parts of the body that a patient wishes to trim down might require multiple sessions to achieve results. This is not the case with Liposonix as it is one of the most versatile body contouring procedures around. Liposonix can target specific hard to reach fat cell deposits in a single one-hour session that other methods might take a couple of sessions to complete.
  • Faster and Better Results – Since Liposonix uses HIFU technology, it can also achieve better results compared to other ultrasound body contouring procedures such as Vaser Lipo. Usually, most ultrasound-based fat reduction procedure utilizes low-intensity and unfocused waves. Liposonix, on the other hand, incorporates a high-powered and highly focused variation of this, leading to faster results.

Is Liposonix Treatment Right For Me?

It is important to note that Liposonix is not designed for everyone. People who are interested in undergoing Liposonix will need to be evaluated by the surgeon first to ensure they are good candidates for this procedure. Based on records, there is a criterion that patients must meet to be considered for this fat reduction procedure. Below are crucial factors that are considered when evaluating patients for this cosmetic procedure:

  • Generally, in good shape.
  • Have at least one inch or 2.5 centimeters of fat to lose in their abdomen or flanks.
  • Individuals must be close to their ideal BMI ( it should be within 30 of their ideal weight ) for optimum results.
  • The patient must not have any health conditions, and the patient must have a realistic expectation in regards to the results.

Liposonix Results: What To Expect?

During this procedure, you can expect some slight tingling or warm sensations around the area being treated. This is perfectly normal during this procedure and is described as mild enough that it won’t cause significant discomfort. A single Liposonix treatment session lasts for about an hour max.

After treatment is completed, patients might experience some redness, swelling, and bruising over the area. Again, this is described as mild and won’t hinder normal physical activities.

What Clinical Results Have Been Seen So Far?

Based on clinical trials that were conducted, the average waist circumference reduction that Liposonix can provide to individuals is around one-inch (2.5cm). Most patients were able to fit into one full dress/pant size down from their original size.

When Will See The Full Result Of The Treatment?

Patients can expect to see noticeable results over the next 8 to 12 weeks after the Liposonix session. It takes this long for the body to eliminate all destroyed fat cells from the body naturally. Doctors will also require patients to develop a healthy diet and incorporate exercise regularly to optimize results fully.

Is The Liposonix Treatment Safe?

Yes. There are currently no reported adverse side effects caused by this fat reduction procedure to date based on all clinical studies here and abroad. It is essential to take all the necessary precautions. This includes having a physician evaluate your health. This should avoid any complications.

What Are Some Possible Side Effects?

As Liposonix does not require any incision, expect side effects to be mild. Below are some of the side effects patients can expect after this procedure:

  • Swelling – the treated are might see some slight swelling after the treatment. This will subside within the next couple of hours and are described as causing only minor discomfort.
  • Redness – The area will typically experience some redness during and after treatment. This will also dissipate in a matter of hours after completion of the Liposonix procedure.
  • Bruising – Some bruising is reported by patients who underwent this fat reduction procedure as well. Again, the bruising is considered part of the process and is generally mild.

The side effects listed above are also reasonable indications that the procedure was a success. The redness and swelling indicate that the fat cells have been destroyed, and the body is currently in the process of removing it from the body.

Will There Be Complications or Bruising in Treatments?

Yes and no. Generally speaking, bruising is part of the overall process when having Liposonix done on the body. The bruising might cause some slight discomfort, but nothing to worry about. The side effects will slowly disappear during the next day or two. The soreness and redness of the area indicate that the procedure was effective. There are no other known complications other than the mentioned mild side effects listed above.

Recovery Time

Liposonix is conducted within the cosmetic clinic and can be completed within an hour. Patients can be discharged and go home immediately after the session but might experience some discomfort due to swelling and redness within the next couple of hours. The recovery period is exceptionally brief at just a couple of days. However, the results will be noticeable after 8 to 12 weeks.

Liposonix Reviews

Liposonix generally garners positive reviews from customers online. This popularity can be attributed to its non-invasive, relatively painless, and effective procedure. Most clinics are already welcoming this new addition to fat reduction procedures. However, it is essential to note that Liposonix is not an alternative to fat reduction procedures as it is more of a body toning or contouring technique. Also, weight loss in liposuction is usually not that substantial in the grand scale, so do not think of this procedure as a “cure-all” to excessive weight gain.

Liposonix Machine

Liposonix is a procedure that requires a specially developed ultrasound machine. The Liposonix machine is based on the diagnostic ultrasound device but modified to generate concentrated, and highly focused ultrasound waves called High-Intensity Ultrasound Energy (HIFU). This concentrated ultrasound wave generates heat that effectively melts fat cells from the treated location.

Liposonix Machine For Sale

Liposonix machine usually fetches anywhere in between $1,000 to $3,000. They are only available from medical equipment manufacturers and require certification and licenses to purchase and operate.

Liposonix Machine At Home: DIY

While professional Liposonix machine is exclusively for expert cosmetic surgeons and clinic only, there are smaller Liposonix machines that are available in the consumer market. However, note that these smaller devices are not designed for treating fat deposits on the abdomen or flanks. Instead, these mini Liposonix devices are specifically designed for use on the face, neck, and chin.

The Bottom Line

Liposonix is an effective alternative to liposuction. This non-invasive fat reduction procedure has proven itself to be quite useful in this field. In terms of price, you can expect nothing over $3,000 to complete a full session. However, understand that Liposonix is not considered as the “go-to” solution to excessive weight gain and obesity. This procedure is a body contouring process. Think of it as a way to help speed up the course of attaining your ideal body.

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