VelaShape Cost 2024: VelaShape 3 (III) 2 (II) Treatment Prices List & Reviews

At a Glance:

  • VelaShape is a non-invasive treatment that can be used for body contouring and treatment for cellulite. 
  • People who received the treatment love the immediate result (noticeable under a month) and painless procedure. It usually costs $1,075 for a full treatment in one body part. 
  • There’s a lot of alternatives, but none can do cellulite and fat reduction quite well at the same time, which is what VelaShape is designed to do.

What Is VelaShape?

VelaShape is a body contouring and fat removal treatment. It is usually done to avoid certain problems a major operation such as weight gain after liposuction or after a tummy tuck procedure. The treatment targets what is called as the cellulite, or the uneven and lumpy skin. Cellulite appears when the skin beneath a fat sunk to a deeper tissue due to fat removal, leaving a lumpy and uneven skin.

VelaShape 2 (II):

The original VelaShape machine was a success when it comes to treating cellulite. However, the treatment result is not noticeable immediately. Patients need to have follow-up treatments due to the weaker power used in the first VelaShape version. VelaShape 2 was able to take things up with its more powerful parts. It has an infrared lamp of up to 350watts, RF energy up to 60 watts, and wavelength of 700 – 2,000 nm.

VelaShape 3 (III):

VelaShape 3 (or VelaShape III) is currently the best iteration of the product and is the most effective among the three versions. Its power is designed to shorten the amount of time needed to get a result. In this version, the machine is now using a pulsed vacuum, 150watts of RF energy, infrared LEDs of up to 3.3 watts (for more comfortable treatment), and a wavelength of 850 nm. A result that you can get for a month is now achievable for about two weeks.

What Is VelaShape Treatment?

VelaShape Treatment:

VelaShape has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration since 2007 and has been in use for body contouring for more than a decade. It’s a non-invasive treatment that only lasts for 20-30 minutes. Using infrared light, vacuum, and bi-polar radio frequency energy, VelaShape improves the local blood circulation to relieve muscle spasm.

VelaShape Cellulite Treatments:

The Food and Drug Administration also approved VelaShape as a cellulite treatment. It temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite and prevents it from reappearing for a certain amount of time. VelaShape is a safe and effective way to get rid of those annoying uneven skin caused by cellulite.

Does VelaShape Work?

Does VelaShape Work For Cellulite?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are three ways to reduce cellulite appearance: Acoustic Wave Therapy, Laser Body Sculpting, Subcision,  and vacuum-assisted precise tissue release. VelaShape combines acoustic wave therapy and vacuum-assisted treatments to precisely reduce cellulite production.

Does VelaShape Work On Stomach?

Yes, VelaShape can be used on the stomach area. People revealed that models such as Lais Ribeiro and Candice Swanepoel from Victoria’s Secret undergo VelaShape III treatment to prepare for a fashion show.

Does VelaShape Tighten Loose Skin?

VelaShape can be used to tighten the skin and make the surface even. Collagen fibers and septae (soft tissues) shrinks during the operation, making tighter skin. It can even be used for double chin removal because of its skin-tightening properties.

VelaShape Body Contouring: How Does VelaShape Work?

VelaShape works by delivering heat to the dermis and hypodermis, which helps in increasing metabolism rate. This heat and the metabolism shrinks down fat chambers and collagen fibers. Once this happens, the production of new collagen occurs, taking the place of shrunken fat that causes skin tightening.

How Much Does VelaShape Cost?

VelaShape Cost

Average Cost Of VelaShape Treatment

The cost of each treatment in VelaShape is affected by a lot of factors. This includes the number of treatments, the cost of living, and the part to be treated. The treatment price can skyrocket from $800 to $2,000 for full treatment. However, the average VelaShape cost that most patients receive for a whole treatment series is about $1,075 for one body part.

VelaShape 3 Cost: From $800 to $2,000 (full treatment)

VelaShape 2 Cost: From $800 to $2,000 (or cheaper)

VelaShape Cost Per Treatment / Session:

On average, a complete VelaShape treatment is done weekly for four to six weeks. There are different ways on how clinics charge their patients, so the cost per session is very different across the country. The majority of clinics charge patients based on the number of body area treatments they need (e.g. $250 for the stomach).

In some cases, you can get a “packaged” treatment where the VelaShape price is based on the number of sessions. Some clinics in Utah offers six sessions for only $1,530, while their single session can reach $250 per body part.  Overall, there’s no uniform cost per session when it comes to VelaShape. It’s all based on the custom consultation result and the preference of the user.

VelaShape Cellulite Reduction Cost

VelaShape can be used on muscle spasms and other treatments. But its best-case use is with cellulite reduction. Treatments are usually cheaper when the aim is for cellulite reduction or skin tightening. It also has a shorter amount of delivery time. When this is the case, the cost range is about $200 – $300.d

VelaShape Cellulite Treatment Cost

Prices will be higher on wider areas or on those that are harder to reach. Patients can save a lot of money by choosing one treatment at a time. However, getting multiple VelaShape treatments can save a lot of time and effort. VelaShape II is relatively cheaper, VelaShape results for the third version is more desirable and is faster to appear.

VelaShape Cost Per Area:

  • Abdomen – For both the upper and lower abdomen. $250 per regular session.  (VelaOnce: $500)
  • Upper Abdomen – For separate treatment in the Upper Abdomen area,  $125 per regular session (VelaOnce: $250)
  • Lower Abdomen – This is for VelaShape treatment for Lower Abdomen only.  $125 per regular session. (VelaOnce: $250)
  • Arms – Treatment for both sides. $250 per regular session.   (VelaOnce: $500)
  • Saddle Bags – $250 for both left and right area
  • Buttocks – $250 per regular session (VelaOnce: $500)
  • Flanks – $250 per regular session (VelaOnce: $500)

Note: VelaOnce is an alternate service where one session where the patient gets twice the duration and energy of the treatment. This option is used to get 80% of the intended result of a full treatment in just a single session.

VelaShape Prices List 2020

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Cost Of VelaShape In Some Major Big Cities:

  • VelaShape NYC (US): $960
  • VelaShape Miami (US): $1,200
  • VelaShape London (UK): £1,000
  • VelaShape Vancouver (Canada): $1,850

Does VelaShape Have Specials or Coupons?

The majority of VelaShape specials and coupons are given via individual clinic promotions. Coupons are harder to find, but specials are all around the corner. Most clinics offer special discounts via packages. But clinics like Paad Wellness gives an additional 10 sessions of LPG Body Endermology for each patient. Check the nearest VelaShape provider near you to see if there are running promotions.

VelaShape Results: Is VelaSHape Permanent?

VelaShape Results After 1 Treatment:

Results from one treatment vary for a lot of patients. Some patients who saw the result of the treatment right after one session. Meanwhile, some patients would only see the results gradually after several weeks. The intended results are often achieved in about ten to twelve weeks.

VelaShape 3 (III) Results:

Some results such as cellulite reduction can be seen as soon as possible. Changes in the area being treated include reduction of circumference and tightening of the skin. After the complete treatment, the lumpy and uneven skin is reduced.

How Long Do VelaShape Results Last?

VelaShape and other cellulite treatments are not permanent. At best, the result will last up to four months. Its longevity will also depend if the patient will undergo maintenance treatments.

What Are VelaShape Side Effects

Even if the procedure is non-invasive, there are still possible side effects that can appear after the treatment. Some occasional bruisings can happen, as the skin in the area of cellulite is thinner. However, these bruises and blistering are not very common and usually goes after a few days. Patients can avoid this side effect altogether by requesting a lower power every VelaShape session.

VelaShape After Care

As soon as each session is finished, the patient can go on and resume his or her daily activities. Some patients describe the experience as “painless and hasslefree”. It’s almost similar to spending an hour in a relaxing place like a spa. Mike exercises are recommended after treatment to make the fat metabolization faster.

Patients need to take caution when eating large meals, as it can expand the stomach. Instead of three full meals a day, the patient might have to choose five to six small meals two to three days after each treatment. Besides, alcohol consumption is not allowed, as it can hinder the clearing of fat and toxin release from the treatment.

VelaShape Reviews: Is VelaShape Worth It?

VelaShape 1 and VelaShape 2 are older versions of the treatment and have lesser power than the current VelaShape 3. Most clinics already updated their VelaShape machines, and if you want to try the treatment, the third version would likely be used. However, the previous versions are still useful for people who have thin skins or those who have lesser heat tolerance.

Overall, a lot of patients who had VelaShape in the past are happy with the result. 73% of reviewers from a cosmetic review site called RealSelf says it’s worth it. Most importantly, the skin-tightening result is very great. This aspect is one of the most praised functions of VelaShape 3.

The “No pain, no downtime, and no invasive procedure” aspect is also a reason why patients keep coming back to the treatment. VelaShape only requires the patient to spend an hour or two weekly in less than a month. Not to mention the fact that the treatment just works without doing complicated things on the patient’s part.

VelaShape Near Me

VelaShape is available in different states in the US, as well as on international audiences. In fact, you can expect a clinic to offer VelaShape services in the United Kingdom, Canada, and even in Singapore and Spain. To find the nearest authorized clinic, you can use the Physician Finder app which can be found in the official Candela site. Here are some states with clinics that feature VelaShape services. Input your country and Zip Code to find accurate results.

  • VelaShape NYC – Open to more than 228 clinics.
  • VelaShape Miami – Offered in more than 103 clinics.
  • VelaShape Atlanta – Available in 38 locations.
  • VelaShape Houston – Contact one of the 43 locations near you.
  • VelaShape Las Vegas – Get cellulite treatment at 17 locations.
  • VelaShape Tampa – Offered by professionals from over 68 establishments.
  • VelaShape Chicago – Offered in 17 locations across Chicago.

Customers in the US can contact the customer service hotline 800-733-8550 (for West Coast) and 508-358-7400 (for East Coast). Or leave a message on their contact page for more information and VelaShape machine inquiries.

VelaShape Machine For Sale

Cost of VelaShape Machine

VelaShape Machines can be pretty expensive. There are clinics that use the device by renting. Here are the possible prices for VelaShape machines.

  • VelaShape 3 Machine Price: $3,000 to $5,500
  • VelaShape 2 Machine Price: $2,599 to $3,000

VelaShape 2 Machine For Sale

VelaShape machines on clinics are usually using the VelaShape III.  You might ask, is it still possible to buy a VelaShape 2? Of course, the device still accessible and can be bought for about $2,500 to $3,000. It’s a great starting point for people who’s interested in creating a cosmetic business.

VelaShape Machine At Home

For home use, patients can supplement their VelaShape treatment by using a handheld Far Remover Machine. Because it is designed for home use, this fat remover will not get as hot as a normal VelaShape. But it can help in skin tightening and easier treatment for hard-to-reach areas.

The Bottom Line

Technology has improved a lot in the past decades. What was impossible ten or twenty years ago is now the norm. This can also be applied to cosmetics. With the help of products such as VelaShape and other alternatives that use laser-assisted liposuction, it is now easier to easily remove fat and have better-looking skin. Visit your nearest VelaShape clinic today and get the flawless skin.

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