Cryoskin Cost 2024: Prices for Facial, Chin, Neck, Stomach, Love Handles, Arms, and Thighs

Cryoskin at a Glance:

  • Cryoskin is a new modality derived from France that aids in fat reduction by applying the Peltier effect.
  • Cryoskin treatment price varies on the location or target area to be treated. An estimation would be around $350 per session.
  • According to a study conducted by Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison, Cryoskin was said to be efficient as a slimming technique and he also found no side effects among the participants of the study. [1]

Are you doing strenuous exercises but stubborn fats won’t leave your body? You can say goodbye to those as we have the treatment for you. With the rise of non-invasive procedures comes one of the painless, cheapest, and efficient procedures for fat removal, Cryoskin.

What Is Cryoskin?

What Is Cryoskin

Cryoskin is a general term about the use of cold and heat to remove adipocytes or fat cells by causing apoptosis or programmed cell death. This was originally manufactured in France, and it has the CE certification mark. Simon Mansell, the founder of Cryoskin, has seen the remarkable results of Cryoskin treatment and introduced the device to the United States in 2017.

What makes this modality ideal and preferred over the rest is that it is painless and non-invasive (no surgery involved). The device also uses a movable handpiece to place it on the target.

Types of Cryoskin Treatments

Types of Cryoskin Treatments

Cryoskin has three types that depend on the target site to be treated. 

  • CryoSlimming – CryoSlimming is a 3-6 session for treating areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and love handles. As the name says, CryoSlimming focuses on losing fat or slimming down.
  • CryoToning – is more about reducing cellulite and improving the overall skin appearance and texture.
  • CryoFacial – The third would be CryoFacial, which treats wrinkles and fine lines from the face and neck.

How Does It Work?

How Cryoskin Works

Cryoskin works through the principle of the Peltier effect. It refers to a constant temperature created when electricity is introduced to two dissimilar conductors. The junction between these two conductors would generate heat or cold. A known example would be the use of bismuth and copper wire. Current traveling from copper to bismuth would generate heat as the opposite would lead to a decrease in temperature. [2]

How CryoSlimming works

Now that you know how the Peltier effect works, we will apply that to the Cryoskin device. CryoSlimming works by applying 40º C heat on the target area for 2 minutes, then changing to -8ºC for 12 minutes. The sudden temperature change also makes sure that the skin will not be burned in the process, while the fat cells die. 

Macrophages will arrive at the site, then eat the dead fat cells. Afterwards, they will travel to the lymphatic system to get excreted from the body. This procedure is also referred to as Cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis means “freezing of fat”. [3]

How CryoToning works

CryoToning works by attacking the subcutaneous fat under the skin. As the fatty layer is cooled down, your blood vessels will expand(vasodilatation) triggering collagen production. Collagen aids in keeping the skin firm and ensures that there is a continuous renewal of skin cells. An increase in collagen will break down fibers of cellulite. The stimulation of collagen production also makes this procedure ideal to reduce signs of aging.

How Cryoskin facial works

Cryoskin facial has a similar mechanism of action as CryoToning. It also stimulates collagen production that renews skin cells and tightens the skin. This leads to the removal of fine lines and wrinkles from the face and neck.

How Long Does Cryoskin Treatment Take?

How Long Does Cryoskin Treatment Take?

Duration depends on the target area to be treated.

  • Along with the 2-minute heat introduction and 12-minute cooling, CryoSlimming takes up to 28 -40 minutes. It is recommended to take three to five sessions on the same area for using this treatment.
  • CryoToning can last for 30 minutes for one treatment. It is also recommended to take at least three sessions for a better result. Unlike CryoSlimming, you can target multiple areas in a single session.
  • CryoFacial typically takes up to 20 minutes.

How Much Does Cryoskin Cost?

Cryoskin Cost

Cryoskin normally costs $350 per session. This treatment also comes with packages for convenience. A three-session package costs $975 while a five-session package would be $1,500. 

Cost of Cryoskin for Facial

Cryoskin for facial can cost about $40 to $150 per session. Some might say it seems too pricey but Cryoskin happens to be one of the more affordable options for a facial. 

Cost of Cryoskin for Chin and Neck

Cryoskin treatment can also be done for double chin treatment. Double chin treatment or mental fullness is simply having excess fat on your chin. Cryoskin can be a cheaper and painless option for those who are planning on having a chin reduction procedure. One session costs $250, and you can also purchase the five-session package for only $750.

Cryoskin for the neck is usually under a package with facial and double chin treatment. A package comprising of these three would cost around $900 in total. 

Cost of Cryoskin for Arms

CryoSlimming and CryoToning can reduce persistent arm fat and tighten loose skin, respectively. Cryoskin procedure for areas like the arms would cost around $350 per session.

Cost of Cryoskin for Stomach

Cryoskin treatment for areas on the abdomen can cost around $600 per session and $1,400 for the four-session package. 

Cost of Cryoskin for Love handles

For love handles, Cryoskin treatment may also cost around $600 per session and $1,800 for a four-session package, which includes four sessions for abdomen slimming as well. 

Cost of Cryoskin for Buttocks 

Cryoskin for buttocks is often provided in a package with thigh reduction. This package is commonly known as Brazilian butt lift and can cost around $1,650 for three sessions of thigh slimming and another three sessions for buttocks toning.

Cost of Cryoskin for Thighs

Cryoskin for the thighs usually comes in a package of $1,650 for three sessions with an additional three sessions for buttocks toning.

Cryoskin Prices List

The table below presents the target areas and their corresponding costs. Some of these prices are based on their treatment from that area alone while some are from their package price.

Cryoskin Prices ( Approximate )




$40 to $150


$250 per session








Love handles





$1,650 for 3 sessions

Is Cryoskin Cheaper than CoolSculpting?

Is Cryoskin Cheaper than CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is also a non-invasive procedure that introduces cold to the skin to induce fat cell destruction. This is an ideal procedure for those who wish to remove stubborn fats that do not go away despite exercising and having the right diet. Unlike Cryoskin, pain is present during and after CoolSculpting treatment. Usually, CoolSculpting treatment would cost $2,000 to $4,000. One session of Cryoskin costs $350 and a 3-session package sometimes does not even cost a thousand. So, in this case, Cryoskin is a more affordable choice.

Is Cryoskin Permanent? How Long Does the Results Last?

How Long Does the Results Last? Is Cryoskin Permanent?

Cryoskin treatment results vary among clients and can depend on the client’s lifestyle as fat production can still happen despite treatment. Slimming has a permanent effect, but those who gain fat from treated areas can still go back for another session. Exercise and a healthy diet may prolong the results.

Is It Covered by Insurance and Are There Ways to Reduce Cost?

Cryoskin is not covered by any health insurance. 

Purchasing a package may reduce cost as it is often recommended to go for more than one session. 

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Cryoskin?

There is no cheaper alternative to Cryoskin as of the moment. Cryoskin is cheaper than other cryotherapy procedures.


Cryoskin is a general term for a non-invasive and painless procedure that makes use of both hot and cold temperatures to eliminate fat cells in a certain area. Under this treatment category are CryoSlimming, CryoToning, and CryoFacial. Prices vary, depending on the target site, but it typically costs $350 for a session. Compared to CoolSculpting, it is cheaper and painless. 

Before deciding on undergoing this treatment, be sure to consult your doctor and have yourself checked. 

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