How to Get Rid of Back Fat? 10 Ways to Lose Back Fat Naturally

Having back fat can be annoying and frustrating at the same time. The underlying reasons for back fat are unhealthy eating habits, inactive lifestyle, poor posture, and genetics. If you are in this situation, don’t give up because there is still hope.

Losing back fat, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Simply isolating fat reduction efforts on the back portion of your body won’t get the job done — you need to do this holistically.

While there is no single solution for this, a strategic combination of a healthy diet and workout can do the trick! But before starting a workout routine, you need to identify the part of your back where fat is accumulated – upper back, mid-back, or lower back, so you can accurately target that specific portion.

Today, let me show you 10 simple ways you can follow to get rid of your back fat and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

1. Control your calorie and sugar intake

Did you know…

One McDonald’s set meal of a Quarter-Pounder, large French fries, and a 42-oz Coke is equivalent to 1,550 calories!

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To achieve greater results, monitor and limit the calories entering your body. Put a ceiling to your daily caloric intake to a maximum of 300 to 500 calories only, if you want to lose at least one to two pounds per week.

Research shows that a low-calorie diet is an effective method for long-term weight loss.

Assess your current diet plan and remove foods that are high in calories but low in nutritional value. Also, cut out sweetened drinks and foods with artificial preservatives as these contribute to back fat.

2. Eat nutrient-dense food

Since you are managing your calories by not consuming too much, you need to consciously take more foods that are considered nutrient-dense. Great examples of these are fruits, vegetables, peanuts, nuts, and lean protein.

Nutrient-rich foods contain little to zero sugar, sodium, and bad fats, which keep your body healthy.

3. Eat fiber-rich food

Foods that are rich in fiber and low in sodium will also help get rid of back fat. According to a study in 2001, dietary fiber acts as a hunger suppressant. The experiment showed that 1.9kg can be lost in 4 months when you add 14 grams of fiber daily above the average of 15 grams per day.

Examples of fiber-rich foods are hard-boiled eggs, avocados, sweet potatoes, salmon, and tuna.

4. Drink enough water

Don’t stress yourself looking for other weight loss beverages when there is one right before your very eyes. Yes, water is a highly effective weight loss partner.

An experiment was conducted, wherein adults were grouped into two based on their weight loss drinks: those who drink diet beverages and those who drink water. Amazingly, the water group showed a greater decrease in weight.

Drinking water will also help in burning a greater amount of calories. To get the most out of water’s benefits, studies suggest a daily intake of at least 1 liter.

5. Do waist exercises

To remove back fat on the back of the waist and add shape to it, you can do waist exercises, which strengthen oblique abdominal muscles and muscles along the spine.

Do some side bend exercises to strengthen your side and oblique crunches to aim for your oblique abdominals.

6. Do mid-back exercises

Latisimus dorsi are the muscles found in the middle of your back. Strengthening and toning these muscles will make your waist appear smaller! To achieve this, you can do the following exercises:

    • Bridge position

    • Lat pulldown

    • Cobra pose

7. Do lower back exercises

Instead of having an erect posture, we often slouch, which makes our back fat even more bulging and visible. Doing lower back exercises will strengthen our back core muscles and promote a better posture.

Some simple exercises that can tone your lower back muscles are the following:

    • Side jackknife

  • Reverse hip raise
  • Superman

8. Do upper back or shoulder strengthening exercises

If your upper back develops back fat then shoulder strengthening exercises will help eliminate them. These exercises can help develop shoulder muscle strength and if you are consistent, the back portion of your shoulders will start to look small.

You can perform the exercises to address your upper back fat problems

  • Lateral raises
  • Rowing
  • Speedbag
  • Overhead press

9. Get sufficient and quality sleep

What many people don’t know is that when you compromise sleep, you are inhibiting your leptin hormone, which is responsible for controlling hunger. When this hormone level drops, it signals your brain that you need food so your appetite increases.

One study for adults showed that shortened sleep duration and poor sleep quality are risk factors for becoming obese.

10. Posture

Make it a habit to have a good posture whatever you’re doing, whether you are exercising, working, or simply watching television. This will not only strengthen your back muscles but will also minimize back fat.

Poor posture pampers your back fat and makes it appear more bulging.

The Silver Bullet to Kill Back Fat

To sum it all up, a fusion of a nutritious diet scheme and appropriate back workouts is the silver bullet for disposing of back fat. The program may not work though if you don’t have the diligence to persevere until the end.

Although getting rid of your back fat is a taxing experience, it is not impossible. Motivate yourself daily and fix your eyes on the goal here, which is your health and wellness.

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