Sono Bello Complaints 2024: “I Paid Thousands For Nothing!”

At a Glance:

  • There are five common categories of Sono Bello complaints ranging from delivery of service up to false advertisements and excessive billing.
  • Most complaints of customers about Sono Bello involve surgeons not meeting their expectations.
  • Aside from poor results, down payments and deposits are also non-refundable for some clinics.

Sono Bello Complaints

Have you ever tried Sono Bello and found their body shaping services to be unsuccessful? Maybe you’re interested in trying their service but you’re worried about complaints of Sono Bello side effects?

Advertisements may sometimes give impossible promises, so let’s check the different complaints about Sono Bello that you need to know. We will help you find the right answers to your questions to help you decide.

Why Should You Read This?

Complaints are one of the best ways to know if what you’re afraid of is true. You can expect a lot of complaints about common issues, and that can help you decide if you want the treatment.

A lot of questions are asked about Sono Bello’s treatments. We’ll be able to touch upon some of those:

  • What are the common complaints of customers?
  • Are there instances where Sono Bello treatments weren’t effective?
  • Were there cases when complications happened after treatment?
  • Are there hidden charges with Sono Bello’s services?
  • How long does it take to recover your deposit for treatment?
  • Is Sono Bello recovery time part of the warranty period?

This summary of common issues will guide you in correcting any possible misconceptions such as long Sono Bello recovery time and weird contours. Your journey towards shaping the perfect figure can become easier when you’re guided by multiple reviews from actual clients.

What Can You Expect to Learn From This Article?

All your possible concerns will be discussed in detail to provide you a clearer picture of what you need to expect when getting a treatment. We’ll talk about the common complaints such as Sono Bello cost, billing issues, and non-refundable deposits as well as scheduling of the treatment.

We’ll also be providing you with actual scenarios of the complaints so that you’ll have a better understanding of why clients are sometimes unhappy with the treatment.

Mainly common Complaint Types:

The common Sono Bello complaints have been grouped into five categories based on actual reviews and complaints. Each type is not limited to work done by surgeons but is also about administrative concerns involving clinic staff.

Here are the common complaint types you should know:

  • Problems with Product/Service – Rashes, weird contours, and injuries are complaints that have caused customers to ask for a partial or full refund.
  • Advertising/Sales Issues – Clinics exaggerate what they can do and provide promos that they don’t actually follow.
  • Delivery Issues – Some patients and clients are not satisfied with the final result, causing them to complain.
  • Billing/Collection Issues – Non-refundable down payments and multiple sessions can cause bills to increase and make more customers unhappy.
  • Guarantee/Warranty Issues – Unsatisfactory treatments should be free when the surgeon is at fault, but sometimes no guaranty or warranty is provided by the clinic.

Problems with Product/Service

Most of the issues and complaints about Sono Bello are about the unsatisfactory way of handling minimally invasive surgery. TriSculpt Laser Liposuction, TriSculpt E/X, and Venus Freeze are availed by customers from Sono Bello because they believe that it contours the body effectively and safely.

The experience becomes unpleasant when there is too much pain felt or when there are complications that arise. Some customers feel that there shouldn’t be any problems when they’re paying for the full price of the treatment.

In summary, here is what clients say about the problems related to Sono Bello:

  • Painful Surgery – The most common problem that clients complain about is having a painful surgery even if there is anesthesia provided. The uncomfortable feeling during and after the surgery makes some people regret choosing Sono Bello.
  • Complications – In some rare cases, complications happen to clients due to the improper way the surgery was handled. A full refund is often provided to clients that had suffered deformities and scars that should not occur when using Sono Bello procedures.
  • Unusual Contours and Deformities – There are also some cases where the perfectly contoured body suddenly melts into deformities a few weeks or months after the surgery. Some complaints ask for a partial refund, while others want a free operation to fix the deformities.
  • Choosing Doctors/Surgeons – Clients also want to choose the best doctors, but last-minute changes can happen and cause the operating surgeon to be changed once the client arrives for the operation.

The bad experience of customers towards their fit and the sexy body remains to be a common problem. Even if most results are great, make sure to keep in mind some of these hassles you might face.

Advertising/Sales Issues

Less invasive surgery is a great way to attract customers to try Sono Bello’s TriSculpt over traditional liposuction and other body contouring procedures. There are also promos that make the price offered to fit the customer’s budget.

It can be very disappointing when promised payment plans and promos aren’t considered after the treatment has been performed. Luckily, false advertising complaints are not as common.

In summary, here are the problems related to advertising and sales:

  • Fake Promos – Some promos and payment plans offered don’t actually exist. Customers sometimes still pay the full price of the procedure which can hurt their budget a lot.
  • Unnecessary Add-ons – During the consultation, a lot of doctors try to convince their clients to add a few more sessions or areas to get their perfect body in shape.

Be sure that you already know what you want and you already have a budget planned before you undergo the procedure. There’s no need to spend on other body parts that you don’t need to contour.

Delivery Issues

An issue highly related to problems with the service is the bad delivery of the promised service. The results promised by doctors can be far from what customers expect and that leaves them unsatisfied.

Clients have experienced having lengthy consultations just to end up experiencing the pain of the surgery. The worst part is that some doctors just don’t deliver the results. Some customers end up saying “I paid thousands for nothing!”

In summary, here are the complaints of clients regarding delivery issues:

  • Poor Contour Results – Unusual contours and deformities may happen due to poor performance by surgeons. A lot of complaints come from these unsatisfactory results that are far from what was promised.
  • Far from Customer Goals – There are also instances where surgeons perform the procedures which are very far from what the customer wanted to achieve. These instances happen even if there were consultations made before actual sessions.
  • Untrained Surgeons – Some complaints have also been aimed towards surgeons that have unprofessional behavior or were unskilled to do the operation. Customers complain about the nervous feeling they get when they aren’t handled by the actual experts.

Double-checking what you’re getting yourself into can help avoid these delivery issues. When in doubt, make sure to get a second opinion from experts you can trust.

Billing/Collection Issues

Surprisingly, there have also been a few issues when it comes to billing. A lot of these complaints have been about hidden charges and additional fees that weren’t in the initial agreement.

In summary, here are common billing and collection issues related to Sono Bello:

  • Added Fees – Inserting hidden fees is an uncommon issue, but sometimes it still happens after the procedure has been finished.
  • Non-refundable Down Payment or Deposit – Some clients opt to back down from the treatment at the last minute possible. Their doubt often gets ahead of them, but the real problem is that their initial deposit takes months or years before it goes back to them. Some aren’t even able to claim their down payment at all.

Continuous follow-up and reports to the management help fix this messy issue. Make sure to let them know as soon as possible what the problem is regarding the bill.

Guarantee/Warranty Issues

There are times when the operation goes from bad to worse. Supposedly, clinics should offer free treatment when a client is unsatisfied with the poor operation that is far from what was promised or has caused injuries that need to be repaired.

The problem is that some clinics don’t honor guarantees even if they were at fault. There are some serious complaints from Sono Bello customers regarding this poor customer service.

In summary, here are common guarantee issues involving Sono Bello:

  • Unwillingness to Repair Damages Caused – Some surgeons don’t want to be held accountable for their mistakes. Complaints have been made against clinics that have not been willing to repair the damages they have caused even if the client has already paid in full.
  • No Post-surgery Treatment – Layers of fat removed sometimes goes back and causes weird deformities when the different contouring procedures weren’t performed properly. Clinics don’t provide packages or free treatment for customers that end up knowing they were victims of poor treatment.

Unfortunately, there are times when guarantees and warranties really take a long time before it gets resolved. Some clinics had issues with refunds, causing delays with return of deposits.

Luckily, managers are willing to help ease the process whenever possible. If ever these issues happen to you, make sure to discuss with the manager on how you can fix the problem.

The Bottom Line

There have been different complaints against Sono Bello.  Most of the reports have been because customer expectations were not met.

If you’re interested in their laser lipo and body contouring services, make sure that you know what you want so that you can discuss the procedure in detail during the consultation. Try to get a second opinion, if needed.

Check which Sono Bello clinics have the best doctors and make sure you get them when you undergo surgery. These complaints have proven that you need to be prepared when you want Sono Bello to contour your body.

22 thoughts on “Sono Bello Complaints 2024: “I Paid Thousands For Nothing!””

  1. Not happy
    Talked out of what i wanted 1 body part free for a more uniform look ….
    i have a less uniform look
    Upper belly / Middle belly is bigger hard lump NOTHING uniform goal flat stomach to motivate me to be healthier
    Now i have a bill and an alien in my stomach and cant sleep on my stomach …. dr was NO help when i complained

    • Same here , I paid $ 6500 for absolutely nothing, but being butchered , it’s been a year, my stomach is BIGGER & DEFORMED ITS EMBARRASSING, their heartless, managers weren’t returning my calls

    • Hello Eileen. I have posted a comment about my displeasure but did not include the weird contouring outcome! Because of the areas done my shape looked better with the fat I had. I do hope there is some kind of help for you.

  2. I scheduled a Venus treatment in February 2019. I never went through with those treatments because of the coronavirus. When I asked for a refund I was told it is not possible. I cannot imagine that this is sono bellow's policy to make a customer pay for a procedure that was never done.

  3. I Don’t Want To Go With Sono Bello! “1,000 Dollars”?! Are You Serious?! That’s More Than My ABLE Account Could Handle!
    If I Did That, My ABLE Disability Insurance Account Would Be Gone Within A Snap!

    • Hi Alec,
      Yes. I fully understand. Please consider it carefully.
      Check the current price estimates for Sono Bello procedures here: It discusses the crucial steps you need to take before you consider the brand.
      (P.S. We does not provide advertisements or recommendations on liposuction brands. We only provide the approximate prices. You can get the accurate prices from Sonobello clinic.)
      Hope it can help you.?

  4. My name is Joan L. I went to sono bello at 1 hollow lane, lake success, NY. My complaint starts with my treatment and the issues brought to them that they ignored. When I came to sonobello I was just healing from bilateral breast surgery due to breast cancer. I was trying to feel better about my self but I not only experienced long term discomfort but I was dismissed by them and told to continue to wear my Compression garment. I saw a doctor there with my concerns and she did not even examine me. She thought I wanted free surgery based on my complaints and again I was dismissed. The proceedure was painful and they did not take care in the job they did. They were aware of my diagnosis of breast cancer and that I would not be a candidate for venus treatment. Venus is offered for lumpy areas that need smoothing when Lazer lipo is not affective. I have what I believe is a herniation that was caused by aggressive proceedure. My scaring is very visible and after all is said and done I came to get my medical record two months ago. I signed for release and was told The manager would have to give her ok in order for me to get my medical record. A follow up call was made and I got a return voice mail saying my record was now at corporate. If they would have given me a rx for a ct scan or even sonogram I could have followed up but I am now uninsured and continue to deal with the effects of there negligent treatment. I have not gotten my records and it is my right to get them

  5. My question is: had anyone had their mid-section done and afterwards had a kind of fluid retention at the bottom of their abdomen? I had this proceedure done 5 years ago, had my arms done as well. Arms are okay, but I just found out after all these years and struggling with that ‘pouch’ that is disgusting that this was the fluids they used during the lipsuction that was not removed. I was told they would be absorbed but they haven’t and I cry everytime I look at that. Is it too late to make them remove this fluid, or am I stuck with it the rest of my life!?

  6. Hello. My name is Brenda. I did not go back to Sono Bello for my final exam. I was so very disappointed in the outcome. I pretty much blamed myself. You know when you are grieving we are told not to make life altering decisions? I recommend that you not make body altering decisions either… Sono Bello offered me several opportunities to come back and voice my displeasure but I would not because I already felt like a fool and felt they would verify that anyway. I will not go into the entire long story and promised them that I would not try to sue them. In reading the comments I was glad there were so many satisfied customers though. These are my suggestions before you sign on those dotted lines.
    1. Do you best at drawing an actual ‘picture’ of your what your final results should look like!
    2. This is the one that made me feel like a fool….do not allow them to talk you into getting a TUMMY TUCK immediately after lypo!!!! Think about it. How exact could that surgery be if swelling is still present.
    3. This surgery will be a really big investment. Those young sweet consultants are so very convincing while they are sharing their own personal experiences. Be aware of one thing…if you are not satisfied you have already signed at least 3 years of your life away…and believe me you are truly caught. You will be required to enroll in their payment deduction program and you had better have that money available for withdrawal on that date. I have about a year left on my 3 year commitment and at $300 per month I suffer emotionally and financially.
    Finally again my dear hopeful Sisters please do a lot of research before making this move. Good luck to you all.

  7. I got my treatment from Sonobella in St. Louis, Missouri. The doctor was nice, the staff was nice and the pain was minimal. But now my stomach looks odd shaped and I regret getting my treatment.

    • I also have a very odd shape and scars are not great. My appointment with the surgeon to look after has been rescheduled 3 times. I am going to Florida and will be in full gear as my mid section is mis shaped and the other areas they were to lipo looks the same

      • Hi Stacey,
        You can make a complaint directly on the official website. They are able to pull your file and reach out so they can discuss options.

  8. Hello. This is crazy and sickening. After reading the complaints, there was no need for me to explain my situation because so many others have had the same experience with Sono Bello. Today is September 26, 2021 and last year in July 2020, I had TriSculpt E/X and liposuction to remove the fat from my inner thighs. Neither less to say, I am very disappointed in the outcome. I have fat in areas that I never had before because of these selected procedures. I now have a huge back with tons of fat and rolls, my arms are fat, I have fat underneath my armpits, my breasts are two size bigger and my hips are huge. I had to buy all new under garments, bras, shirts and jeans because I am bigger now after having the procedures. Oh, and my knees and vagina have so much fat too. I actually visited a total different company for consultation in hopes they were willing to correct what Sono Bello had messed up. They recommended for me to go back to Sono Bello, I was very disappointed and I am afraid to go back. I had asked several of the nurses and the men who performed the procedures, “will the fat travel to other areas” and I was told NO because I don’t have a lot of weight on me. But the fat did travel in other parts of body and now I hate my body even more. I also was grieving when I made this life altering decisions and I was encourage this will be the right time after my husband had passed away.

    • Hi Gee,
      You can try to make a complaint to the official website. They are able to contact the center that performed your procedure and reach out so they can discuss options.
      Good luck.

  9. I am not happy with my results, I was told I can come back within a year and have the procedure done again for free, is that actually true?

    • Hi Adrienne,
      You can try to make a complaint directly to the Sonobello official website. They can contact the center that performed your procedure and make a complaint.

  10. Super Disappointed,

    I went to the Orlando office to have the Venus treatment. I am 53 years old, 5’5” and 140lbs. I have worked out for 10 years and I eat right. I had a hard time losing a small amount of weight in my inner thighs. I came in 1 year ago ( July 2021)and had a consultation with Daisy. We agreed this should be really easy and noninvasive. $1800 was paid and an appointment made. The guy that made my appointment did not set up a following appointment and it was not explained to me how often I would need to go. I had 10 appointments and Daisy thought 8 would do the trick. Katie was my esthetician and had to start my appointments over because there were no appointments available for the next couple of weeks. She gave me an extra free appointments due to this. She was thinking maybe 6 treatments would work. She talked about measuring and taking pictures to show the difference. I was never measured by her, however because I work out, I do measure myself. I was at 22 inches. I do not remember when the first picture was taken however, there were 2 pictures in total taken in 2 different rooms with different lighting and a different distance from the camera. It was just a small amount that needed to be fixed so this all makes a difference. This should have been a very simple job. Months later I told Katie nothing has changed. She consulted Daisy and was told she was not using the correct temp on that area to melt the fat. She turned up the heat. Still nothing. I have record of all my appointments and 30, yes 30 treatments later My inner thighs did not change. I told her this was not working, and we needed to look into getting my money back. She understood because she did not see a change either. She consulted a new manager, Charles who I had to chase down to contact because he was either in meetings or behind closed doors when ever I called. At one point he was out with Covid. No one told me he was out so I was getting very upset. I called one more time and was told he would call me back, I declined and asked to speak to him at that time. I was told he was giving an interview, I waited forever. His interview was more important that my call. He said he would submit the info and the answer I got back was that the “medical experts” looked at my 2 pictures that I mentioned above and determined there was a slight change. Funny because I was still measuring at 22 inches.

    I am not the type of person to return things or make false complaints. I like to sleep at night with a clear conscience. I am so disappointed in this service. I really wanted this to work and believed it would due to the small area to treat. I feel so cheated and betrayed. I have never used social media as a tool to get my money back but I really do not see an option. With all the time I spent traveling and the gas and tolls, just to have this treatment I am asking to have my $1800 returned. Please understand, I received absolutely nothing for $1800.

    I did lodge a complaint with the BBB. When Sono Bello answered my complaint, they said the Venus treatment was to smooth out wrinkles and tighten the skin. they said nothing about getting the fat to melt away. I did not have wrinkles there and cannot tighten the skin cuz there is still fat there. The told the BBB they were going to contact me and surprise, they have not.

    • Hi Terri,
      You can make a complaint directly to the Orlando office at: 407-354-4600.
      Or file a complaint directly on the official website. They can pull your file and make a complaint.
      Hope it can help you.


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